InDIGENOUS vs. InDIGITAL Cultures – Narcissistic Entitlement and the 11:11 New Age Movement

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Recently a reader and I were discussing the 11:11 Awakening Code Phenomenon (Refer to my April 16th post for more information about the New Age 11:11 Code Movement. Or just do a search on it – You will get over 2 million hits; (also, please note that I myself am someone who until recently identified with the 11:11 Awakening Code movement). This reader pointed out that indigenous peoples would more than likely not have access to digital clocks and other numerical “triggers” prompting them to stop and notice the digits “11:11”. That’s when I came up with the title for this post – All the 11:11’ers I know are of course mostly white, middle-to-upper class materialists “acquiring” and consuming “spirituality” to reach “higher states”. Now lets be real, here. How many indigenous people do you think would relate to this New Age experience? Not only because they are not surrounded by digital clocks and the like, but because they are not hell-bent on acquiring and consuming “spirituality” and spiritual experiences!

This got me thinking, so I decided to do a bit of googling. Entered the key words ‘New Age’, ‘Narcissism,’ and ‘Entitlement’ – just for the heck of it. Hit ‘return’ on my search and found a veritable plethora of information and articles, including a piece  entitled “Narcissism and Spiritual Materialism: The New Age Legacy” by Kobutsu Malone. Below you will find an excerpt to wet your whistle with. The link to the entire article is available at the bottom of this post. Enjoy.
(Malone Writes): “The “New Age” movement, if indeed it can be referred to as a movement, appears to be a desperate effort of people attempting to find the spirituality that is totally lacking in the dominant culture. Dominant here means more than mainstream, for domination is an integral element of the pervasive materialistic and conquest based culture of the West (emphasis mine). The power-over dynamic and materialistic nature of Western culture is a product of conquest and subjugation that grew out of European feudalism, patriarchism, theocratic dictatorship and opportunistic desire to wield power over other beings. The entire history of what we are taught is “civilization” is in short a story of conquest, written by the conquerors with their purposes in mind. This element of conquest is the backbone of materialism and the materialistic psychology that enables people to visualize their entire world as objects that can be manipulated for selfish gain, this manipulation includes people The theme of selfishness appears to exist throughout the New Age trip, it is on the whole supported by middle class white people who are dissatisfied with their lives and uncomfortable in their relationships and surroundings. Invariably it is a money making scene, the books, crystals, bells, incense, oils, aromas, the tapes and CD’s all sell like hotcakes.” (I see this alot with many New-Age leaders, past and current, including and especially within the 11:11 Social Network movement at this time – Mann)….

Link to full article:

  1. Mr. Mann, Very succinctly put. We should, perhaps, pause in our 'Americentric' thinking to realize that a goodly portion of the world is busy with basic survival and does not have the time (or indeed the desire) to seek out obscure patterns in everyday life. These people are not only the wretched in far away places to whom we contribute at the check out counter of Whole Foods (after trampling our fellow shoppers to get that organic tomato first) but those in highly developed civilizations–Japan comes to mind. However, with thousands of gallons of nuclear waste entering our oceans unchecked and unmentioned by the main stream media we may have the unhappy opportunity to get back to basics soon. Wyan H. Jiond

  2. Hi Wyan,Glad to have you aboard, and I was delighted to find your comment. Isn't it curious that when the Japan nuke meltdown story was really "heating up," we suddenly are inundated with the Libyan story? And we Americans barely raise an eyebrow…Out of sight, out of mind. ER, just like radiation (except that ravages our bodies, of course…but never mind that – now get out of the way, I need a tomato!)

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