So You Don’t Believe HAARP Is Manipulating The Weather and Causing Earthquakes? Before You Say "It’s Not Possible", Watch These FOUR VIDEOS (Includes Scientific Explanation of HAARP and Correct Severe Weather Predictions Via Identifying HAARP Rings On Intellicast)

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I recommend you watch all of these videos so as to more fully understand HAARP and the ELF waves it is capable of producing to manipulate the Earth (resulting in earthquakes – even Mega-Quakes), and create Severe Weather Patterns (including the creation of tornados, hurricanes, flooding, and drought), as well as to learn more about “HAARP Rings” themselves, as explained by scientists and other legitimate sources, watch the first three videos. To actually SEE HAARP Rings in action, allowing accurate severe weather and earthquake predictions (with 100% accuracy this past week), watch fourth (last) video on this post, which will show you that “HAARP Rings” are VISIBLE ON Intellicast!

First of all, the following video is created from documentation that was available on HAARP’s OWN WEBSITE, before it was taken down. It provides evidence that HAARP may in fact have caused the Japan Earthquake, intentionally (past documentation shows that HAARP may have deliberately caused the earthquake in Haiti, Chile, and in other places as well).

This guy predicts tornados, mega-storms, earthquakes, looking at intellicast weather radar maps by identifying HAARP rings.

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Another guy who predicts severe weather / earthquakes using Intellicast:


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