HAARP Rings Observed on Intellicast BEFORE Tornados Ravaged Mississippi and Alabama – You Need To Be Informed – HAARP IS REAL!

ATTENTION READERS: Please refer to new video on post dated May 03, 2011 if you want to better understand the science behind HAARP and Project Blue Beam’s “Black Ops” technology.

Now, watch the below video – This was put online BEFORE the tornados hit the Southern United States this week (over TWO HUNDRED OF THEM!!!) This guy, Dutchsinse, predicts severe weather patterns by identifying HAARP rings on the Intellicast Weather Radar system. Here is his broadcast, and his warning to the South, BEFORE the tornados ravaged several towns and killed several people. Again, this guy has had 100% accuracy this month predicting severe weather / tornados. That’s 100% accuracy – All by identifying HAARP rings. He can even name the exact town the tornado will hit in some cases!

Next, watch the two Youtube links with CNN footage / reporting of the tornados as they rip through the South, which you can find near the bottom of this post. Then tell me HAARP is not real. And, if you agree that there is even a chance HAARP is behind the destructive weather patterns ravaging the United States at this time (and also around the world), then what can concerned citizens do to try and stop this horrifying and deadly “Black Ops” program? I will be addressing this very question later on this blog.


CNN Footage of Tornados ripping through the South: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf7aTe8xtCg


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  1. haarp rings over nashville,tn today on intellicast. check it out.

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