HERE’S PROOF FROM NORWAY EISCAT’S OFFICIAL WEB-SITE: SEE REPORT on VIDEO and Learn About The SCIENCE Behind 2009 Blue Spiral Over Norway – SEE FOR YOURSELF! EISCAT (HAARP-Type facility) Performs "Project Blue Beam"-type Experiment and/or Missile Intervention

The below video explains the science behind the Unexplained Phenomenon known as “The Blue Spiral Over Norway”. The video addresses a test, labelled “Tequila Sunrise,” that was conducted at the same time the Blue Spiral Over Norway was witnessed by many in the area at the time. The EISCAT-facility based in Norway has documented on their own website this ‘Tequila Sunrise’ test. How much more proof do we need?

I suggest that all concerned readers go to the link directly above the video to learn about the HAARP-related EISCAT facility located in Norway, and which was obviously responsible for the “Blue Spiral Over Norway” witnessed December 09, 2009. This Sky Anomaly was believed by some at the time to be an Alien Visitation; a 5th Dimensional Shift (refer to my posts on David Sereda and his 2012 End-Time Prophecy); or a UFO. Many believed it to be a Russian missile gone awry. Some of us (myself included) are at this point convinced this was a test, experiment, or planned missile intervention (e.g., the intentional interception of a Russian payload headed for space) – Or maybe all three possibilities might apply.

Once you read and watch the below material, please ask yourself: Why is it that, although this event in Norway was witnessed by hundreds, even thousands, and then reported around the world on many legitimate “mainstream” news stations in Europe and elsewhere, barely a word was said at the time about this being a Project Blue Beam-type experiment that was obviously generated from the HAARP-related facility recently opened in Norway (watch the Blue Spiral Over Norway video posted here 4/23/11- you can even see a blue beam of light emanating from the ground, creating the blue spiral image in the sky)? Why wasn’t this researched and made public at the time, or soon after? And why were people encouraged to believe that the Blue Spiral was a Solar Flare, “UFO,” or Russian missile gone awry? And what are the possible consequences of this, and other similar “experiments,” that are being secretly conducted at various locations around the world via the at least 6 (known – more are suspected) HAARP-Type/ EISCAT-related facilities capable of producing ELF-waves now believed to be in existence?

Given the above now-documented facts, it would appear that our global citizenry is in the process of becoming the unsuspecting “victim” of mass manipulation to fulfill the Project Blue Beam / New World Order agenda. If you think that these little “experiments” are environmentally benign and cannot do any harm, then I encourage you to look at the other posts on this blog, as well as the Resource bar with educational links to the left of this blog so as to educate yourself about the true catastrophic nature of HAARP’S “black ops” illegal Tectonic Weaponry, including as related to clandestine (possible illegal Black Ops) “testing” and “experimentation”. Do yourself and those you care about a favor and get informed. Then spread the word. HAARP and its Tectonic Weaponry is real. And it is terrifyingly dangerous. Together, we can stop this madness. Our very lives may in fact depend upon our collectively doing so.

NOTE TO READER: To first learn more about the Blue Spiral Over Norway, and the HAARP-related facility in Norway that generated this Sky Anomaly, go to this link and watch all the videos posted:

  1. Excellent contribution, Jay. Much appreciated. I shall read this straight away! -Bob

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