NEW VIDEO ADDED: "We’ve Created Artificial Ionosphere": Is This The Beginning of Project Blue Beam? Or Is An Actual "Alien Invasion" Imminent. Watch These Videos – Truly Bizarre!

(Many thanks to a reader who alerted me to this video – Robert)

In the first video, below, you will see photographic evidence of HAARP-type facilities placed all around the world (6 confirmed, 2 or more are suspected). Obviously a coordinated, multi-national, world-wide effort is currently going on in regard to the installation of these facilities capable of Tectonic Weaponry. But why? Yes, Project Blue Beam is one possibility. But what if even that is a convenient decoy? Meaning, could it actually be the case that a (and I cannot believe I am even writing this next part, given I am a rather skeptical and practical man by nature) genuine Alien Invasion threat is imminent (refer to this blog’s April 2011 post on “U.S. Warning Russia” Aliens On The Way, and related posts on the Planet Nibiru)? This first video has sub-titles only, no sound.

The second video shows ISS (Space Station) footage released by NASA, including video that was filmed in late April, 2011, by a Russian Cosmonaut tracking what appears to be an actual alien vessel. Could an alien invasion be imminent? Or, is this perhaps “doctored” footage designed to convince us that a holographic “alien invasion” is real? Or… something else?

3) The third video shows evidence of the reality of Project Blue Beam (PBB). PBB uses HAARP ELF Wave technology to project holographic images onto the sky (see various posts on this blog addressing Sky Anomlies appearing around the world, including the Blue Spiral Over Norway). PBB’s agenda is to create the illusion of an alien invasion so as to establish a New World Order (see links to the left of this blog for resources addressing PBB, HAARP, and the New World Order agenda reportedly driven by The Illuminati).

So which is it? A real alien invasion is on the way, which we will witness and experience in 2012? Or, a “staged” Alien Invasion “hoax” created with ELF-wave induced, advanced Tesla technology that is proven to be capable of manufacturing holographic images? Or, something else? We need to find out what is going on. Holes are being created in our atmosphere as part of illegal, “black ops” HAARP testing. Severe weather is being created. Earthquakes may even be manufactured with this technology. Why aren’t more people hearing about this? Let’s spread the word! And let’s start asking some questions of our Governments – Together we can do this!

1) HAARP-type facilities discovered around the world:

2) ISS footage of various UFO sightings recently.

3) Fake Alien Invasion Being Planned?


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