Project Blue Beam, Chem-Trails, and Fukushima: Could There Possibly Be A Connection? Or Is That Just "Crazy, Conspiracy Theory" Talk?

To better understand how Chem-Trails and Fukushima relate to Project Blue Beam and the projection of holographic images into the sky, I suggest that you carefully examine the following video posted recently by Dutchsinse (this is the guy who tracks HAARP rings via Intellicast and predicts severe weather based on their appearance, with nearly 100% accuracy in April 2011). In it, you will see actual documentation from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) that discusses the required atmospheric environment needed to project holographic images into the sky, thereby creating “Sky Anomalies” – IN DETAIL (to see the document in its entirety, go here:

I myself do not yet understand the science on this, and this may not have veracity. If that’s the case, please do feel free to comment and/or write me (including anonymously) to let me know.

But, if this ARL report has any merit, when the big “Alien Invasion” comes that I keep hearing about on sites like, and/or “The End-Times,” complete with images of supposedly returned Religious Deities floating in the sky, I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that ANY of it is real. Remember, the goal of Project Blue Beam is to evoke fear, mass manipulate, control, starve, kill, or enslave (refer to the New World Order agenda for more information on this). So do yourself and those you care about a favor and begin to spread the word. As admittedly crazy and unbelievable as it seems, Project Blue Beam is real. You can read about it yourself in the following videographed documents, sourced from the ARL. And if enough of us know about this completely mad, desperate, and insane plan to starve and/or enslave most of humanity, then perhaps we can work together to stop it, before it is too late.

Please, I again urge you to watch and listen to the below video most carefully and examine the documentation available therein. Wake up, Everybody. To the reality of Project Blue Beam.


2) Watch this to learn more about the Army Research Lab report mentioned above, as it relates to Project Blue Beam (the science behind the holographic “hoax” possibly being planned).

3) Watch Dr. Carol Rosin talk about her first-hand witnessing of Project Blue Beam’s reality while working at Fairchild Industries and the lie of the Space-Based Weaponry:

NOTE TO READER: I am also including below a forecast reported by Dutchsinse on 4/21/2011. This is a Radiation and Jet Stream forecast update addressing Total Amounts of Radiation Deposits and the effects on human health.


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