ANOTHER REASON FOR CHEMTRAILS? "3-D Holographic Display Using Strontium Barium Niobate" SEE the ENTIRE Army Research Lab MILITARY DOCUMENT!

I received the below Military documentation from one of my readers. Thank you, Anonymous – This is potentially a spectacular find! Read it, and then ask yourself the following question: Given that Nuclear Fall-Out and Chem-Trails may create an appropriate atmosphere allowing for the projection of 3-D holographic imagery onto the sky, was the still ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan (March, 2011) really a complete accident? Or was it perhaps related to the long-rumored “Project Blue Beam” (Go to this link to learn more:


According to the below Army Research Laboratory United States MILITARY Document (verified), 3-D holographic imagery projection onto the sky is possible if the sky has been “coated” with STRONTIUM BARIUM NIOBATE – The very same chemicals believed to be used in “Chemtrail Sprays”; AND, the very same chemicals that can be released via NUCLEAR FALL OUT.


To read the entire Army Research Laboratory document on the creation of 3-D Holographic Imagery Using STRONTIUM BARIUM NIOBATE, go here:


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