What HAARP-ALASKA DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Here’s the VIDEO that suggests HAARP ELF-Waves Were Used To Cause JAPAN EARTHQUAKE in March 2011

MUST-SEE VIDEOS: Possible evidence that HAARP deliberately caused Japan earthquake – and earthquake in Chile as well (refer to second video referring to “HAARP colors”!)

Interestingly, the HAARP website has been offline for over 4 weeks – Soon after the below evidence made its way to a Press Publication.

And yet, most people say that HAARP/Alaska and other HAARP/EISCAT-Type facilities capable of producing ELF-Waves that change the Ionesphere are just “benign” facilities that study the weather. Well, watch the below videos, and think again. You might also watch the posts on this blog entitled: “Breaking News: Blue Spiral Over Norway Explained”. This Sky Anomaly was also obviously caused by an EISCAT facility in Norway that was engaged in clandestine testing known as “Tequila Sunrise.”

If accurate, this first video, created from documentation that was on HAARP’s own web-site prior to it suddenly going offline without explanation, may serve as irrefutable evidence that HAARP may be deliberating interfering with weather patterns as well as intentionally causing earthquake activity around the world. Look at the dates at the bottom of the video screen. Watch what happens a few days prior to March 11th, 2011, the day of the Japan Earthquake. You have to see it to fully understand how damaging to HAARP this documentation may in fact be. No wonder they took their entire web-site off-line, once this was noticed and revealed.

Note: It appears voice modification used to disguise whoever is imparting this information. But still absolutely worth listening to, and viewing.


Footage of HAARP colors in Chile before earthquake:



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