LIST of H.A.A.R.P. / EISCAT Locations Around The World


Here you can learn all about HAARP-type EISCAT facilities around the world. This is not just limited to the United States. Remember, there appears to be a world-wide network of such facilities – And these two videos show the actual locations of where some of them are. Watch the below videos and get educated. Learn where these facilities are, and about the technology that makes them so dangerous. Learn about Chem-Trails and how this relates to HAARP.

China. Japan, Russia. Norway. United Kingdom. It goes on and on and on. See all the links. See the equipment. <byou need to know that these HAARP-type facilities appear to be conducting clandestine, "Black Ops" and potentially catastrophic Scalar Weaponry testing. Our entire planet is at risk. Get educated. Be informed. Spread the word. And I encourage you to spread it wide, fast, and far. We all need to know that these facilities are manipulating the weather intentionally and IT HAS GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL! Is there an Array where YOU live? And if so, is this something you would have liked to have known?

BTW: The second video even includes evidence of a document from M.I.T. entitled “How To Stop A Hurricane”. Yes, you read that right!



  1. amazing!!!! or not?????? i guess it was more probable than possible, we already know about the one world govenment, it makes sence that there's many haarp facilities. bringing the world population down to 500 000 000. the real death toll of all these man made earhquakes(11th) and other disasters for that matter is false. the media is controled, we only hear what we are told, we are never told what we need to be told because"they" rule everything. however…the made disasters which happen on the 11th day into a month have not even dented their objective target..watch this space…..

  2. Sounds like you are referring to "Agenda 21" – The Illuminati's supposed plan to depopulate the earth by 5.5 billion. Some say that such a "soft-kill" is going on right now, via food that is genetically engineered; food that is laden with killer chemicals; Radiation Warfare, Weather Warfare, etc. There are so many odd things occurring, e.g., severe flooding in our farm-land areas, mass sightings of Sky Anomalies, earthquakes, nuclear melt-downs, etc, that I am beginning to wonder…

  3. excellent to recieve a reply, thanx! i clicked onto your name as was amazed to see you (robert mann) are also an 11:11er! i've been noticing this number for many years, so much so that its got to a point where i think i bore people with the 11:11 phon. i seem to notice it at least in am or pm, a lot of the time both. but the number 11, or figure 11 11 always appears to me in everyday life. i also have some strange dreams about outer life, whatever that means, i cant explain these, but i've never shared to people about my dreams.have you heard of project camelot with kerry cassidy and bill ryan?? some interviews seem so far fetched and unbelievable, but like i said b4, we only know what we've been told by the so called govenment.i believe that maybe all the govenment faces we see are just puppets on a string…just for our bennefit, and i bet that only the top dogs are aware of the real secrets……

  4. Haven't heard of Project Camelot but I will look into it. Interesting to hear you have these types of dreams: This seems to be true for many of us who experience the 11:11 effect. I have had atypical, visionary, and pre-cognitive dreams since I was a very young child. When you say "outer life," what do you mean? And about puppet governments: I tend to agree, and more and more these days I am beginning to suspect the existence of Shadow Government- The Grand Master Puppeteer.

  5. the dreams are hard to explain…its me dreaming but it doesn't seem to be me in the dream? you say you've had visions? me too, some unexplainable and of a strange nature, as if i was in the past,future or even a different planet! and like i said, i dont think its me, or maybe it is in a past life, or a FUTURE life!i know its sounds crazy, maybe i am! but why all the signs? i dont even know how i came across project camelot? i urge you to check it out, some whistleblowers who have worked on certain secrets….some of these are unfortunatly not with us anymore tho????

  6. Hello TTIOT – Now I see your comment here – Hope you can see this reply.It seems that you are very open to "non-ordinary," transpersonal experiences. I specialize in this area – teach, write, and counsel, etc. within the field. If you want to email me privately I am happy to guide you in directions that may prove to be fruitful so that you can better understand and embrace your unique experiences. I know they can be a tad overwhelming, even confusing, if you have nobody to discuss these with who understands.

  7. HHi, Robert, i saw your video and i think we have the same point of view, there a lot of people around the world feeling the same things you talk, in my case i have a very strong sentation than we must to wake and show the solution about our world, i feel than the time to change the system has began, In my opinion the human bean is like a food for others beans (the master puppeteer) and our pain is her meal, but in the cosmic law everything has his own time and i feel than the time of the shadows and dark lies it´s over, may be no this year or this decade but its over. The first thing we must to do is make it a manifesto talking about our thinks and stnads abaout the world problems, i think there too much people who don´t want than the others have it war, hunger, pain. So if the majority of the humans beans don´t think to use all of the bads things than we have, why the history accuse the man like the guilty of all? and if the majory of the comunity think thant wich democracy we have it?, till these time i know the utopia than the citizen can resolved the comunity problems with his ideas was only that and utophy but wait a moment and think, NOW WE ARE DOING THAT. With the web technology we can exposure our ideas and make our opinion about the otehers ideas, included we can vote in real time ( I Liked ), so we must to think about these important fact and fight for it, but in these case with the opossite weaponts we must trust the new system with LOVE AND PEACE like the humans of the XXI century, we don´t need the parliamentary representative democracy, we can use the tecnology to do the real democracy, clear, where don´t matter who is who said the ideas, where only the ideas have significance. PEACE AND LOVE FOR EVERYBODY

  8. ttiot said:

    i just have a strong feeling that somethings not quite right, a massive cover up which could possibly date back to when..well we'll never no i guess? i'll email you soon maybe, you are right tho no body i talk to understands so maybe soon i'll be in touch via email. one person who is showing a little interested is my partner, she got freaked cos the few preditions i made recently and something strange that happened to her whilst she was on my fb. whats your overall thought on life itself? how we got here, why we are here and for how long? a bit random rob i know but its important i know your take on it. some ppl think that we humans as a race are just acting out a kind of play, for the entertainment of "others"…sounds very hard to believe. but how DID we really get here rob. or were we put here, genetically modified, a kind of cross bread? sounds crazy ay, not to some, infact some think its the most logical answer??? myself i am confussed and still not sure what to believe. what i do know is something aint wright. have you seen bob dean interview on PC rob? this one you got to check!! i dont know what to make of it. i'll put it on my wall for you to seen, pls let me know when seen…

  9. Hi Ral,I just found your comment in the "spam" section – Sorry that happened. Yes, I believe there is a genuine "awakening" occurring at this time. I was made aware of it from a very young age – I first dreamed of it when I was only 4 years old. Odd, but true. The danger is that we will all be so busy attempting to "transcend" the dirty workings going on in our world at this time (Advanced Tesla Technology included) via meditation, crystals, and all the other tools of the New Age that we will succumb to a kind of sociopolitical / environmental apathy, and forget to "rage against the machine." This blog is my little "rage," I guess, but I feel very strongly about this, as is clear from my blog. I look at all my many animals, and I see the sky and the sea, and I smell the earth, and I am in awe of the natural balancing act the earth performs with itself, and then I see how our human arrogance is mucking it all up. Nature herself does not have a voice the way we humans do, so I am speaking up. I hope you will join me.

  10. Hi TTIOT,Your "strong feeling" is spot on. Trust it. Something is seriously not right. I had simply terrible feelings all day yesterday, and I was completely out of sorts. Once I heard about the tornado in Joplin, MO, I figured I was tuning into that somehow, maybe picking up the EM-Waves, or just my intuition working – Who knows. It is also freakishly windy ALL the time where I live now. Drives the horses crazy, and makes it nearly impossible to sail. But those are small issues compared to the destruction of our farm communities, which apparently is what is going on. Starvation is the quickest way to make people afraid and get them under control. And just over a month ago, I would have thought that ALL of this, my entire blog, was just crazy conspiracy theory talk. But once you start to research this stuff, you find that some of those very theories are the only rational conclusion that a reasonable, intelligent person can come to. Horrifying, but true. So keep trusting yourself, trust the process, and trust your dreams – Most of all, trust that you are awakening, and let your deepest wisdom guide you on.

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