HAARP HAS SECRETS: There Are Likely THREE ARRAYS In Alaska – Making DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS POSSIBLE – They’re Not "Just Doing Research"!

HAARP Likely Not Primary Ionospheric Array in Alaska: At close to 3.5 Billion Watts, HAARP Alaska may actually rank second to a secret and hidden FIPA array near Poker Flat

Note: Parts of this article sourced from http://www.superforce.com/haarp/index.htm

The Array System HAARP Would Like Kept Secret

Here are the key locations in Alaska as they relate to HAARP. In order perform to successful targeting, HAARP arrays must be used to steer the signal – This is why HIPAS is in the region. With the present set up of HLMS, it would appear that Clear AFS and Poker Flat were also positioned with ELF/VLF arrays, making HAARP capable of a 360 degree steerable target area.

In reviewing information disclosed through the Freedom Of Information Act concerning the initial concepts and bidding on HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project), I came across relevant information that HAARP was not the best choice for the Project, which was originally to be the FIPA (Frequency-Independent Phased-array Antenna) FIPA patent# 5,274,390

The executive summary of HAARP indicates the best place for the Array was Poker Flat and not Gakona, Alaska. Clear AFS was the optional choice for the HAARP location and has the power facility on site to supply a heater array of these proportions. Prime power at Clear Air Force Station is obtained from the station’s coal-fired power plant, which is capable of producing 22.5 megawatts of power. (Clear AFS is a large DOD area located west of HIPAS [HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation], and is almost an equal distance from HIPAS as HAARP is to HIPAS) HAARP is run by U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate while Clear AFS is also under U.S. Air Force Space Command.

HAARP/HIPAS work in conjunction; however two arrays are not enough to steer the signal. The HAARP web site in 2001 discussed successful moon bounce experiments (done since the 1960’s by HAM radio operators). A HAARP array may use the Moon as a reflector to reach distant targets on Earth to create Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation!. In order to target the moon you need a steerable array and three arrays minimum are required.

HAARP array was the second choice to the FIPA array. The HAARP site near Gakona, Alaska was initially chosen to house the Imaging Riometer for HAARP. However, now Poker Flat is operating the proposed HAARP Imaging Riometer and was the initial choice for the HAARP location. So do the math: You need three ELF/VLF arrays to steer the signal for a moon bounce. HAARP itself reports it performed a successful moon bounce. This information means there is at least one hidden ELF/VLF array in the southern area of Alaska, it is likely in Poker Flat region and is likely the FIPA array. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this is a pretty big secret to be keeping from the general public.

Now that I’ve caught your interest, I encourage you to read the entire source article by Guy Cramer (2005) by accessing the link below. It contains loads of good stuff, with correlating images included.


  1. Call it a hunch, but there may also be a third somewhere, or there will be.

  2. You've got more than a hunch going there. Read the post…3rd Array likely in Clear AFS, Alaska. They did a successful "moon bounce" and that requires 3 Arrays. I amended this post's title to highlight content, so I appreciate your comment, thanks!

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