WOW! Look At All The "End-Time" Prophecies Pointing To May 21st, 2011 As Our Last Day On Earth – Could Any Of This Relate To PROJECT BLUE BEAM’s LONG-RUMORED "HOLOGRAPHIC HOAX"?

I will expand on the contents of the below link later today, but I wanted to get this out to all my readers as soon as possible, given that this coming Saturday is supposedly “The End Of The World”. Seems this idea is spreading like a virus online – and threading itself within the Collective Consciousness. I continue to be amazed how this all lines up with Project Blue Beam’s reported plan to fake an “End-Of-Days” scenario via a “holographic hoax” (see the various posts on this blog addressing Project Blue Beam – Use the search bar to the left of this page).

Christians in the United States are even putting up billboards to warn people that Saturday is their last day on earth. Something certainly seems to be afoot – But what, exactly, still remains to be seen.

I’d like to hear from some of you regarding your thoughts on this – Especially any of you who live in Western or Eastern Europe – Russia, especially.

More Later – PEACE, Bob


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