Watch This Video FAST Before It Is Gone: Was There Really An 8.4 EARTHQUAKE IN LIBYA TODAY? Why Did The Data Disappear From The Seismic Sites? And Some People Are Pointing The Finger At HAARP Once Again!

Was there really an 8.4 earthquake in Libya today? Or some kind of extraordinary blast (some say bomb)? For a short time today, an 8.4 earthquake in Libya registered on all the Seismic Sites today. But here’s the weird part: Now the data IS GONE!!!

HOLY TOLEDO! Watch this video and see what happens right before your eyes. At 9:08 an 8.4 earthquake registered in Libya, and it was on all of the seismic sites, but now the data is mysteriously all GONE! A few YouTubers got screen shots from a few of the sites. Notice that there has been NO MEDIA COVERAGE AT ALL.

Some people are saying that this is HAARP at work once again, and that the data has been deliberately censored. Others say it is just an odd aberration, and not worthy of mention. But no matter what you think, I think we can all agree: THIS IS TRULY BIZARRE!

Watch the below video while you can – I am certain it will be disabled soon – Like so many others lately. I am not quite sure what to make of it. Could it be that HAARP was “bouncing waves” into Libya’s soil and now there is a cover-up going on? What do you all think?

Oh, and if you have trouble seeing the video, just click directly into this link here:

  1. I saw this video earlier today (AUST TIME). I went to the ESMC website, and printed the details of the 8.4 EQ 300km southwest of Tripoli. I then went to the National Institute of Earth Physics in Romania, and once again, printed the 8.4 EQ information. What the hell is going on ??? Why has no news service (mainstream) reporting this? Why has the USGS not reported it? Even at a depth of 30km, it could hardly be a 50 megaton thermonuclear device? Or could it? This is a headscratcher.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Your input is invaluable. I hope you don't mind, but I just shared your report on my FB site as well. I hope you will keep me posted as you learn more. Also, that you will consider "friending" me on my FB page.

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