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Video: Fake Alien Invasion 2012


Dr. Carol Rosin Discusses Planned “Fake Alien Invasion”

In 1974, Dr. Carol Rosin was introduced to the late Dr Wernher von Braun. Dr. von Braun was one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Germany and the United States – So much so that he is often referred to as “the father of rocketry”. Within the first three and a half hours of their meeting, Dr. von Braun told Carol (an Engineer herself who worked with Fairchild Industries at the time) that she would help “stop the weaponization of space”! He went on to say that “this had to be done because there is a lie being told to everyone”. The lie was reportedly the Extra-terrestrial threat.

Dr. Wernher von Braun appears to have discussed the possibilities of Scalar Field Theory with Dr. Rosin, as he told her back then that we could have cars that flew and free energy to end global pollution. We could have peace on Earth and also with the Extra Terrestrials. However, he was concerned that shadowy government would distort any genuine alien contact, and/or even manufacture a “fake alien invasion” using Advanced Electromagnetic (Tesla) Technology. All this was shared in 1974 – OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO. Was von Braun perhaps aware of details regarding the supposedly “mythical” Project Blue Beam? Hearing what Carol has to say in the below video gives me reason to pause, ponder, and wonder…


Today Dr. Rosin is attempting to have 9 U.N. countries sign a Treaty that would reserve Space for Peaceful Purposes only. Does she know something we don’t?

Also, did you know that in 2001 a Bill went to the United States Congress requesting that Scalar Weaponry testing be halted and that Space be reserved for peaceful purposes only? It was unceremoniously tossed out of Congress, of course. See the Bill in its entirety here – And ask yourself: Did the author know something we don’t? http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html

AND – Did you know that several years ago the European Parliament issued grave warnings about HAARP? Go here to learn more:

I also am intrigued by the scientific payload. launched by NASA, given that this particular payload is $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which conceivably could be used in conjunction with EM-Wave Technology (e.g., HAARP/EISCAT arrays) to bounce back waves from space onto targeted locations on earth, as well as possibly be used in the creation of 3-D holographic imagery (I will be dedicated an entire article to this soon – I find certain things about it to be suspicious, as do aerospace and defense contract engineers I have spoken with – And why were the Chinese journalists, who helped to to build the thing, not allowed on the mission as planned?)



Here’s another video featuring Dr. Carol Rosin. Listen to what she says. Then ask yourself: What could she possibly gain from making something like this up?


Also: To see more possible evidence that Project Blue Beam may indeed be more than just a myth, I suggest you access the following link and watch these videos that suggest that there may indeed be “black ops” Advanced Technology testing going on that is kept secret from the public (e.g., the 2009 Blue Spiral Over Norway); also, to learn more about why I am concerned that the 11:11 Awakening Code Movement may have been unknowingly “hijacked” or “co-opted” by mysterious forces that do not want us all to wake up and begin to question what may really be going on in regard to possible advances in Tesla (HAARP/EISCAT – EM Wave) Technology. http://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com/2011/04/david-sereda-voice-of-1111-and-also.html

  1. TTIOT said:

    the link on my fb page has gone..how to i access the page with our comments? something very odd…i tried to look up some previous PC intvws so you could watch…but they not there anymore my friend but they were just four days ago when i showed a few family members?? i waiting for friend in oz to get bk to me to see if he can load em up..

  2. good stuffgood researchkeep on posting buddy….hopefully it will open up their view…but clock is ticking….

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