The 11:11 Awakening Code Phenomenon and H.A.A.R.P. – WHAT’S THE CONNECTION?

Please watch this short video on the 11:11 Awakening Code – And then read my brief commentary that follows:

And so, I invite us all to wonder: Is it possible that certain New Age leaders and self-appointed “Spiritual Explorers” like David Sereda are correct, and we who experience the 11:11 Awakening Code Phenomenon (myself included) are being prompted to remember our “Mission” and prepare for the 2012 “dimensional shift”? Are we perhaps indeed experiencing a positive force, or phenomenon, that will eventually usher most of humanity into the “New Age” of Global Higher Consciousness, as this video suggests? For many years now I have assumed this to be so. However, based on recent extensive research I have done in relation to HAARP and the supposedly mythical NASA Project Blue Beam, I am increasingly willing to also entertain the possibility that the 11:11 Awakening Code Movement and its adoption of David Sereda’s 2012 End-Time Prophecy may be playing right into the nefarious plans of “shadowy government” and its long-rumored “Black Ops” agenda – which possibly may include using Advanced Tesla Technology to inspire fear, gain control, and ultimately install a New World Order.

Said differently: Based on my continued research, I am increasingly of the mind that shadowy government may be covertly “hijacking,” or “co-opting,” the 11:11 Code Awakening Movement and its message of Global Spiritual Awakening via people like David Sereda and others who encourage us to believe that we will all be transitioning into some sort of “5th Dimensional New Age” – And therefore we do not need to pay too much attention to current “real world” issues, much less work toward sociopolitical and/or environmental change. In certain ways, by believing we will all escape our current Social Systems via an impending “dimensional shift”, 11:11 Awakening Code people who are convinced they will be leaving this current, “3rd Dimensional” world behind in 2012, as described by David Sereda and others who promote similar “transformational” ideas, are not so different than Fundamentalist Christians who believe they will escape difficult earthly realities via the miracle of the Rapture. In both cases, it is a false transcendence – That is, it is a form of denial and escape. Clearly, such a psychological stance will inhibit our joining together to become a powerful, collective force of change in the world at this time – And this may be just what “shadowy government” and other powerful, elite forces are banking on.

What I do know is that the many Sky Anomalies witnessed around the world the past few years bear distinct, visible features that suggest they were indeed created by HAARP / EISCAT-type facilities, which possess vast Arrays located strategically around the world. And people like David Sereda are not acknowledging that this may indeed be Advanced Tesla Technology at work – Technology that may be causing terrible destruction to our planet – For more information specifically on this, go here: I am frankly bothered by what presents as our collective sociopolitical and environmental apathy in the face of what amounts to Global Environmental Homicide.

In summation, I continue to be disturbed by the fact that the very real threat posed by what appears to be the non-benign use of Tesla Technology, and the possible resulting destruction (including “natural disasters,” severe weather, earthquakes, and sky anomalies – all potentially caused by HAARP / EISCAT-type arrays, or facilities) are being viewed by many in the New Age community as “Spiritual” events, ones that we should embrace as a sign of the 2012 “End Time” Prophecy promoted by Sereda and others at this time. As author of this blog, I think that further exploration of this possibility is warranted. I hope you come along for the ride.

  1. ttiot said:

    i have seen this b4 rob, but with a different background, infact i'm sure it was on a RC vid? you say ur trying to help awaken the 11:11 ppl b4 its too late, how can this be accomplished? remember all the stuff on the contious and non contious mind. do you believe that ppl only need to be aware in the mind? my keyboard has gone a1l wierd on me rob i need t;o shut down, i'll post again soon

  2. People are not blind belivers like religius folks about Global Spiritual Awakening .. it is based on that more and more people are starting to feel energy, and kundalini awakaings. I am witnesing with my body and my eyes

  3. I agree, Anonymous. I also am aware that thousands of people in the 11:11 Movement believe they need not be sociopolitically or environmentally active, claiming they will enter the 5th Dimension in 2012. I propose there is little difference between that belief, and the belief held by Fundamentalist Christians that they will soon be Raptured. It is a false transcendence in an unconscious attempt to escape and deny painful realities. This is dangerous. And so I am challenging David Sereda's 2012 End Time prophecy, as it promotes escapist ideas and creates an environment where dark social forces can continue to vandalize our earth.

  4. halfway between nothing and catch 22right at the crossroad what you gonna doyou gonna give up or try to see this one throughsay a prayer in my mind and say something to youthere's too much information and too much of it seems fakehow do you do this unbake the cake If I could freeze time I might stamp on the brakeI keep my eyes to the skies and ask if I'm awake

  5. Very odd. All day I thought of posting a particular poem here on my blog. And then I look, and I see this, from you (above). Thank you for this soulful expression. And stay tuned for the poem – I will post later this week.

  6. Interesting- I first noticed 11:11 about 12 years ago and knew it was a connection to…something. Not a joiner, a believer or even a city dweller and have only recently become aware that thousands of other people across the world experience 1111. Don't think 2012 is 'the end' any more than midnight 12/31 every year is. The next second is the new year. There are other dimensions to access, but one can do this when ready with set intentions at any time.

  7. I started to think abour 1111 from the end of 2010 until now, I always ask Jesus Christ what is that mean, One day I saw a verse in the New Testament, page 1111 (Ephesians 6:15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.), the Holy Spirt told me that is the answer!And now I find the answer continuously then I find this web-site!

  8. Molly said:

    I think questioning everything like you are doing is the only right thing, along with staying calm. I am also doing a lot of research on HAARP, Elenin etc. as well at the 1111… I'm assuming you have read/listened to Carl Calleman? I find his theories most interesting:

  9. I appreciate all of your comments. Regarding the Mayan Calendar and Prophecies: It is often grossly misinterpreted by the New Age community at large. Its true meaning is known only by a few, and trust me, they are not "New Age" nor are they Caucasian spiritualists. Not judgin' – Just sayin'.

  10. I agree with you Rob. It is being hijacked.For example there is a horror movie to come out this fall named 11:11. Youtube has previews of it. And all the new age, lighworker, midwayers, solara distractions. To distract the ones who are aware but not fully awake yet. Lull them back to sleep under the premise of false safety and ideology. Some will believe the new age ideology rather than reality. That is not what we need, we need all of the triggered to be fully awake. They don't want that to happen. The ideology they spew sounds a lot more fun than what our mission will be, so we will lose many to it. We must stay awake, keep watch, keep our cool and bide our time, which is coming quickly. It makes my soul cry out. Wake up fellow code keepers..wake up, and please, STAY AWAKE.

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