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The article below has been expanded – I encourage you to go check it out when you can:

For you science-minded and rightfully skeptic types: I have added this link which offers veracious data confirming my postulation that the Blue Spiral Over Norway was an EISCAT (Norway) black ops test. This “test” also apparently resulted in a Russian Missile interception, resulting in the “too perfect” Blue Spiral seen in Norway December 09, 2009. What most intrigues me is that Russia KNEW that Norway EISCAT downed their missile – but they did not acknowledge this. WHY NOT? This makes me wonder if Norway and Russia were engaged in a cooperative “friendly” test – Perhaps with the silent approval of other Nations “in the know”; or, perhaps with the approval of “shadowy government”. I will soon be devoting an entire post to the fascinating data presented via the following link, and I plan to further research Russia’s mysterious silence about Norway EISCAT’s intercepting their missile as well, as I find this simply baffling:

Or, go here:

If you agree with me, then I suggest you go to the first link, below, to read about the kind of secret, shadowy “black ops” testing going on all around the world, resulting in Sky Anomalies of various kinds (See “Sky Anomaly” Page to the left of this blog). This link covers the December 09, 2009 Sky Anomaly, the “Blue Spiral Over Norway”. It seems that at the exact same time that this spiral was witnessed by hundreds, even thousands, the Norway EISCAT facility was conducting a test which they called “Tequila Sunrise.” This information was made available on the Norway EISCAT’s own website. Yet I could find not ONE reporter or news person or media outlet revealing this test to the public at that time. What I DID hear a lot of people discuss within New Age circles was the possibility that this blue spiral, and others like it seen recently around the world, were signs of the 5th Dimension that is supposedly to manifest in 2012, ushering us into a shiny new world that glows with the reflections of our awakened DNA. I heard this from people like David Sereda and other public figures who identify with his 2012 End Time Prophecy. Sadly, when it comes to these mysterious spirals, those New Age people are dangerously wrong.

See for yourself – The documentation from Norway’s EISCAT website is presented on the first video of the link:

The time has come for us ALL to wake up to the truth that is unfolding all around us. The truth of Advanced Tesla Technology, and the presence of HAARP/EISCAT-type facilities all around the world, which you can see clearly for yourself in the two videos posted on this link.

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