MYSTERIOUS SPIRALS APPEARING ALL OVER THE WORLD – And I Say It Is "Black Ops" Advanced Tesla Technology Testing!

My Personal Commentary: Let me assure you – These Spiral Sky Anomalies you are about to see are not signs of our “DNA Awakening”. They are in fact signs that we are closing our eyes to the truth that is all around us – And in my humble opinion, we need to awaken our conscious and start caring more about our planet and all the Life that is dependent on our Mother Earth before irreversible damage is done and we are enslaved or destroyed via “Black Ops” Advanced Tesla Technology. Believing that we do not need to care about our planet or the dark forces that are causing irrevocable harm because we are going to transform into shimmering 5th Dimensional Beings of Light in 2012 is a form of denial and escape, and just another means of enslaving the masses. Do not be fooled. What is happening here is real. And it must be stopped. NOW. Together we can do it.

Once again, I remain confused as to why a majority of people, including members of hard-core conspiracy sites like Above Top Secret, would prefer to believe these are UFO’s or miraculous 5th Dimensionally-induced, “New-Age” signs, versus considering the possibility that these may serve as evidence of HAARP/EISCAT EM-Wave (Advanced Tesla Technology) “black ops” testing – And it is going on right under our noses, with plenty of eye-witnesses, but most refuse to believe this technology exists. I simply do not get it. Watch this video to see a great compilation of these many “spiral” projections; and check out the several posts on this blog addressing the “Blue Spiral Over Norway,” which was actually the Norway-based EISCAT facility engaging in a test that they called “Tequila Sunrise” – This test was documented on their own web-site.

We Need To Wake Up. NOW. Before it is too late.


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