"IT’S A BEAM"! – MUST-READ ARTICLE About The BLUE SPIRAL OVER NORWAY – VERACIOUS DATA Presented For New-Agers, the Science-Minded, and Skeptics Alike!!!

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“IT’S A BEAM!!!” – And This Article (link below) Provides Veracious Evidence That Suggests The Blue Spiral Over Norway Was Indeed An EISCAT (HAARP-TYPE) BLACK OPS TEST – As I Have Been Previously Reporting On This Blog. This Spiral, and others like it around the world, are NOT “Evidence” Of The DNA-AWAKENED “NEW AGE” that is to come in 2012 – Let me repeat: These Spiral Sky Anomalies serve as evidence that ADVANCED TESLA TECHNOLOGY TESTING is going on all around the world – We Need To Wake Up To The Truth – And FAST!

A “Nobel Torsion Message” Over Norway? (Part 3)

I would like to thank the FB Friend who alerted me to this amazing expose on the Blue Spiral Over Norway. This is also a must-read for all you science-minded types. Skeptics also encouraged to take a look. I encourage you to consider the evidence presented with an open mind.


(Excerpts from article, below. Again, I encourage you to read the article in its entirety via the link posted above):

In the extended pre-dawn darkeness over Norway last December, as we have recounted in Parts I and II of this Report … “something” truly amazing happened–

And reaction immediately divided into two totally opposing views:

Those who “bought” the official media story … that “it was only another failed Russian missile test …”–

And then … those who thought “it just might be something else this time ….”

As we have shown previously, there can be little doubt at this point that a Russian rocket was involved.


The conclusion that everyone has jumped to — with the striking exception of the Russians themselves — that, somehow, the Russians caused The Spiral–

Well, that’s a “leap too far” ….

We can now report, based on analysis of the extensive imaging evidence reported via the Norwegian press, that The Norway Spiral was NOT primarily caused by “a failed Russian missile test ….”


The failed Russian rocket could, in fact, have been caused by whatever forces “created the Norway Spiral ….” The scientific evidence behind this growing set of suspicions — that the Spiral somehow caused the Russian missile to fail — lies in the extraordinary geometric structure that Enterprise has discovered within the too-perfect, too-concentric “shell-like rings” … making up the Spiral (below)–

This section of our on-going analysis will describe precisely “how.”


Chladni Figures (or the more modern term “Cymatic Patterns” – above) are two-dimensional geometric shapes, produced (in a laboratory setting) by acoustic vibration of “fine material spread on a thin substrate” (the violin bow “drawn across the edge of the metal plate with sand on it …” – above left); the figures appear initially as highly-ordered, basic symmetry patterns … starting with circular, concentric structures (below) ….


“Chladni Figures” are not limited to sound ….

These fantastic, vibrational, geometric symmetries can ALSO be produced by electromagnetic excitation of “a standing-wave pattern in an electrified medium — i.e. a plasma” … like the Earth’s ionosphere … some ~50 miles up.

Or … like a standing-wave pattern externally imposed upon a cloud of dispersed aerosols … just like those that would be vented into space–

From “a spinning, failing rocket!”

Blue Spiral Over Norway Sky Anomaly, December 09, 2009 – Compare With Above Image…

In all the Norway Spiral images and eyewitness accounts, all the observers seem to have been universally awed by the Spiral itself … yet, most completely ignored the blatantly visible “scattering envelope” (below) surrounding this precision geometric figure … in which the Spiral geometry itself actually “appeared” ….

It is this obvious “surrounding medium” in which TWO “fluid spiral-wave patterns” were created–

The first:

By the simple hydrodynamic process of “a rapidly spinning, jetting fluid container …” — spraying its contents in an expanding circle … into the hard vacuum existing above ~50 miles ….

Our “… leaking third-stage Russian missile ‘bus!'”

Producing this amazing Norway image:

This face-on “spiral geometry” has, in fact (as the sceptics correctly insist …), been seen before–

In the failures of other upper rocket stages, during some of their launches (below). Our first example (below – left) shows a 1989 Chinese missile fiasco “at altitude” — that immediately created a dramatic “spinning pinwheel ….”

In the second example (above – right), the 2009 Norway Spiral itself appears in its “initial moments …” — looking, and acting, EXACTLY like its Chinese rocket counterpart from ’89.

Reinforcing our analysis in Part II — that, at this early phase in “the unfolding Norway phenomenon,” the normal fluid disintegration of “a failing rocket” would create EXACTLY what was seen.


It abruptly turned to this (below)–

And, no, the dramatic difference is NOT caused by “differing photographic time-exposures” (as William C. Treurniet elegantly has comfirmed in his independent video analysis … kindly called to my attention by Peter Gersten).

These two very different vibrational “modes,” strikingly demonstrated in two comparison images (below) … are due directly to “two distinct Spiral energy sources” … arriving separately … abruptly changing the original Archimedean spiral pattern of leaking fuel (below – left)–

This, of course, is one of the scenarios we directly outlined in Part I — that, somehow, the Norwegian HAARP facility near Tromso called EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter Facility …) was, indeed, “involved” in the creation of The Spiral ….

Now we had direct evidence from within the Spiral itself, strongly indicating that some kind of “external energy-field” had, indeed, been exerted on the Russian’s “bus'” escaping fuel; that, this “field-imprinting” had then immediately created a radically different, concentric, highly-ordered radial pattern … compared to the previous fluid spiral–

An obvious, “resonant EM standing-wave … strongly interacting with the fuel/plasma being released from the runaway Russian rocket … creating a striking Chladni geometric pattern.”

But, is there any direct evidence — from the Norwegian HAARP itself — that it could have been, indeed, involved in the generation of The Spiral …?


A couple days after Part I was posted, I received an e-mail from David Wilcock; David had been working independently on his own extensive analysis of the Spiral (which eventually turned into an E-book — which I have deliberately not read, so that our efforts and our conclusions are truly independent …).

In the e-mail, David shared the fact that one of his “informants” had just located the daily “power-level logs” of the Tromso EISCAT facility (below).

Could I use the info?

Was he kidding?!

And, indeed, according to the published logs (above), the EISCAT facility was, indeed, radiating both VHF and UHF EM radiation … THROUGHOUT this critical 7:45 AM Spiral “window” on December 9th ….

In fact, EISCAT was specifically scheduled to carry out a high-power ionosphere dual-frequency experiment … at dawn ….

An experiment called, provocatively, “Tequila Sunrise.”

From multiple sets of images, taken from multiple locations in northern Norway (below), Spell ultimately calculated his “best convergence estimate” of the Spiral’s geographic location when it first appeared–

Over the eastern end of Russia’s Kola Peninsula — just north of the White Sea (below)–

As a cross check, repeated, independent sets of “location measurements” have been carried out over the past several weeks by Enterprise Associate, Greg Ahrens (with the invaluable assistence of Mike Blackburn, who supplied some of the key images and crucial information direct from Norway); again, within the errors inherent in these images, Ahrens’ alignments nicely converge on the same Spiral locations (plus or minus …) as Spell’s measurements (below).

When perspective is rotated ~90 degrees, and these “best-estimate” locations over the Peninsula are plotted against time–

Another “impossible” fact about this entire baffling phenomenon is resoundingly confirmed:

Eyewitness reports that–

“The Spiral stood still!”

At the height of the events — between 06:45 UTC and 06:50 UTC (below) — according to these combined, independent measurements, the Spiral only moved laterally north (right to left) by ~20 miles!–

Essentially motionless … exactly as reported by the witnesses!

Which, of course, is impossible–

For “a simple, malfunctioning third-stage rocket … supposedly traveling ~9,000 miles per hour” at that point in its projected flight!

Our most dramatic evidence yet that “something,” indeed — a bona fide torsion weapons technology — somehow”reached out” and literally grabbed the Russian rocket test that morning … brought it (in seconds!) to a virtual halt … in mid-flight … and then forced it to literally “turn cartwheels in the sky, as seen from northern Norway ….”

Similar sets of quantative image measurements were what allowed Spell — again, independently — to carefully calculate just “how large” various elements of the Spiral were, as this amazing phenomenon unfolded ….

In Spell’s own words:

“… we now account for the effects of the Earth’s curvature, which becomes very significant over these large distances of sight. Projecting the line-of-site values downrange over an imaginary flat 2D surface, as was described above, the altitudes are taken perpendicular to the Earth’s surface resulting in values A through E of 79, 107, 146, 160, and 166 miles (127, 172, 235, 257, and 267 km). Note that the typical orbit for the Space Shuttles is generally in the range from 186 to 242 miles (300 to 390 km) above the Earth, with the top of the dissipating spiral and void clearly into this range. These results [below] combined with the 2D path [above], thus defines the 3D trajectory of the center of the spiral ….”

HOW DOES H.A.A.R.P. Tie Into All Of This?

According to Spell’s straightforward calculations, the Norway Spiral was somewhat less than 100 miles across … when it first appeared (above). As it “died,” it expanded rapidly to almost 400 miles across (above) … the size of several major States!

Spell’s own comparison is perhaps even more appropriatet:

” … so in a sense this spiral can be likened to a hurricane … projected vertically on its side [emphasis added] ….”

A vast, spiraling “hurricane” of–

Propagating torsion ….

On the official United States Naval Research Laboratory “HAARP site,” computer simulations are presented for the electrical and magnetic interactions that HAARP’s ionospheric heating pattern creates above Alaska — in the electrified, ionospheric “plasma” above ~50 miles — heating powered by the “megawatts of interfering RF beams” being radiated skyward from this type of HAARP antenna array (below)–

Which, if you examine it carefully (above – right) is also — in direct contradiction to the widely-publicized “expert” opinion, that the Spiral was visible only because of pre-dawn sunlight — in fact, this astonishing ~100-mile-wide apparition was obviously NOT being solely illuminated by the Sun!

The Spiral was also self-illuminated … from the center outward (note the decreasing brightness … and outwardly-facing shadows of successive “rings” …): another confirmation of the high-energy “artificial optical emissions” created specifically by HAARP … interacting with the escaping, sunlit fuel-turned-to-plasma from the disintegrating Russian missile ….

In a sense, then, BOTH “instant audience viewpoints” on this astonishing phenomenon — that “it was only a Russian missile”; and that “it was a top-secret energy weapons test of HAARP” — would seem to have been simultaneously correct!

It WAS the Russian missile, after all …


With some “extraordinary help” from the Scandinavian “High Altitude Auroral Reseach Project” ….

Once you know what to look for, the evidence that HAARP — for some reason … and somehow (more on this below …) — “took control” of this Russian missile-test that December 9th pre-dawn … is everywhere–

Like … in the divergence angles of the puzzling “blue corkscrew” that emmenated from the face-on Spiral’s Center; as can be measured in this Spiral image (below), the angular-increase-with-distance of this blue “corkscrew” corresponds exactly with the famed “inverse square law” of standard 3-space EM radiation — providing additional support that “some kind of beaming technology” was, indeed, being applied to the “leaking and rotating Bulava third-stage fuel residue”–

Thus — creating the precise, resonant Chaldni Pattern seen in the final phases of this spectacular “Event” (below) ….

NOTE TO READERS: To View Rest Of This Article, Please Access It Via The Following Link: <a href="http://www.enterprisemission.com/Norway-Message3.htm”>http://www.enterprisemission.com/Norway-Message3.htm


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