A Concerned Citizen In NC Writes Their CONGRESSMAN About H.A.A.R.P. RINGS and SEVERE WEATHER: – WILL YOU?

I think more of us need to take action – I encourage you to read this person’s letter to his Congressman, Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC 11th), 3rd-term Democrat from North Carolina, and follow his lead. People are dying. We need to STOP THIS MADNESS NOW. And if you do not believe that H.A.A.R.P. has the capability of acting as a Weather Weapon, then you need to educate yourself by reading the many related articles and links (with access to videos) that I have included on this blog.

And just in case you still doubt that HAARP Rings are real and can be used to predict severe weather, see Dutchsinse’s latest video where he recaps his recent accurate predictions (Letter to Congressman below). “Here is the forecast where i specifically named Binghamton down to Scranton to get hit hard with severe up to tornados due to the HAARP Ring signature that appeared out of Binghamton New York”.


‘Vortex Spiral’ RADAR Rings – out of North Carolina and Central Midwest

Sen. Richard Burr
Rep. Heath Shuler
Sen. Kay Hagan

May 26, 2011


I phoned yesterday about this issue of severe WX. Please look at these URL sites and tell me the man is wrong in the forecasts he makes.

If believable, why is our government making this WX?

in the first video of the reference to “Vortex Spiral Radar Rings” in 2004 over New Orleans…..

‘Vortex Spiral’ RADAR Rings – out of North Carolina and Central Midwest


HAARP rings appear @ WA, OR, ID, MO, TN, LA, TX, AL, KY, NY = severe in 24-48


To date; many folks have died, flood waters have devastated the mid-west. Why?

Now they may be targeting NC & SC? Again why?

Serious damage has happened in the past ” Katrina” and is still happening in the form of floods and severe storms.
If above information is to be believed ( and I do ) still more serious damage to this country is in the near future due to HAARP operations.

At the very least, damage that has happened already caused many deaths, scores of displaced residents, unbelievable damage to property, due to floods & tornadoes, that were possibly Man Made.
All leading to shortages and higher Food prices.

I am requesting a Senate Hearing/Investigation into the Operations of HAARP as to any intentional or un-intentional damage to the US.

Please turn a spot light on HAARP and those who are controlling it.

Weather modification I should think is serious business.

HAARP has that ability.

Has HAARP gotten out of control?

Perhaps it should be shut down until that investigation is completed…..

I would like to hear back on this issue.

Please tell me I am wrong to think our government is causing severe WX conditions.

Cullowhee , NC


(Robert Mann): I say it is an act of GLOBAL VANDALISM upon the earth. Maybe even HOMICIDE. H.A.A.R.P. Is ALTERING OUR EARTH’s IONOSPHERE. Is anyone else concerned?




HAARP Boils The Upper Atmosphere – Sourced from: http://lastdaywatchers.com/2009/12/haarp-new-world-order-mind-control-and-weather-warfare-weapon/


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