Does "Disclosure Project" Have TIES to The ROCKFELLER EMPIRE and the UFO AGENDA? – WATCH THIS VIDEO To Hear Evidence Supporting This Controversial Accusation (…And Watch For The OWL)

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I am currently researching the veracity of the accusations made in this video, and therefore am withholding comment. However, as I do not hear about many people discussing what this video contains, I am suggesting that you watch it to see if these accusations hold any merit.

Comments on Youtube following this video point to the idea that Greer tried to work with the U.S. Government but they didnt want disclosure; he therefore continued on his own.

For example, one commenter writes: “According to the supposedly mythical NASA Project Blue Beam, the Government is planting false information about aliens to make us think there will be an invasion. Greer always says thats not the case and they are peaceful”.

Regardless, it is an interesting video. As always, your comments on any and all material posted on this blog are welcomed.


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