Scientists And Geologists Agree That PULSATING ELECTROMAGNETIC FLUX Generated Artificially By Extraterrestrial Or Terrestrial Human Technologies May Cause Major Earthquakes, Tsunamis Volcanoes, and Severe Storms.

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Well, until the Extraterrestrial Fleet makes its appearance, I say that the likely culprit is H.A.A.R.P. / EISCAT EM-Wave Technology. How about you? -Rob Mann

Pulsating electromagnetic flux can accelerate tectonic plate movements causing artificial earthquake, landslide and tsunami

According to scientists and geologists, the earth’s brittle tectonic plates can be made to move against each other at a faster rate with the use of pulsating electromagnetic flux generated artificially by extraterrestrial or terrestrial human technologies.

The artificial pulsating electromagnetic flux can be generated by either the position of a set of neutron stars or black holes far away in the middle of the galaxy or by artificial generation of the pulsating electromagnetic waves. (Note to reader: H.A.A.R.P. / EISCAT-type facilities generate these Electromagnetic [“EM”] Waves).

Many countries are experimenting with pulsating electromagnetic flux to create low intensity tectonic movements or low level superficial land slides.

The earthquake and resulting Tsunami in Sumatra could have been caused by this method. As a matter of fact, between November 2004 and March 2005, the earth saw major earthquakes and Tsunamis that outpaces anything we have seen in modern times.

The technology can also be used to neutralize or avoid earthquakes or Tsunamis. But that needs a through mapping of building forces or waves so that appropriate counter measures can be applied. Modeling tectonic forces or gravity wave is not easy since we know not all forces at play. Also the exact direction and sense of these vectors are unknown. All that we can do is to provide logical prediction or anticipation of the se forces as they build up.

In other words, predicting earthquakes are difficult because we just do not know all the factors. For the same reasons preventing them also is difficult. What appears to be possible, however, is the creation of low intensity earthquakes without knowing the exact effect of the acceleration in plate movement.

Some researchers open to the existence of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence believe that the extra terrestrials know very well the exact force and wave vectors and they apply counter measures precisely to create or avoid earthquakes and tsunamis.

Gravity is actually wave. It can be intensified and neutralized with the use of artificially generated electromagnetic flux. The whole Universe works by creating the electromagnetic flux at different points with various different techniques.

Gravity is created and occasionally neutralized at different points. The resultant effects create solar systems, destroy stars, give birth to planets, moves on planet from solar systems to another and so on. This was used to deplete a rich planet – our neighboring Mars from its atmosphere and all ingredients that support life.

When the same technology is used at a smaller level, it can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, cyclones, storms and even volcanoes. We understand the concept of gravity. But out traditional science always describes gravity as a force. But actually it is a wave that can be neutralized.

Now it is becoming more clear studying the flight patterns of Extraterrestrial UFOs that the antigravity propulsion system is actually also achieved with electromagnetic flux.

The same electromagnetic flux can be applied to intensify or neutralize gravity in a massive scale that can literally move tectonic plates or neutralize their movements. According to some, the series of earthquakes that happened between November 2004 and March 2005 were bunch of experimentation by either the Extraterrestrials or some human hand.

The use of electromagnetic flux at a very high intensity is not that easy. Proper algorithmic interpretation and application is necessary otherwise wrong and sometimes totally opposite results can happen. It is not just creating this flux with super intensity. It is also measured application – and that is where the real technology lies.

The same can also be applied to create harmonic tremor forcing the lava to eject through volcanoes. The whole Universe can be modeled as interconnection of gravity waves that keep everything in place. Whenever some changes take place, the electromagnetic flux generated either through dark matter or other artificial means can neutralize gravity in local zone. That creates massive imbalance in dynamic forces. This imbalance causes earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, Tsunamis and even cyclones.

The imbalance can be created artificially through the use of Terrestrial and advanced Extraterrestrial technologies.


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