To read full article, go here – Excellent work that this investigative author is doing: http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2009/174/dulce-base.htm

UPDATE: A reader has sent me photos of what appear to be NEW ready-and-waiting DETENTION CENTERS replete with fencing, guard towers, and fiber optics located in the Wrstern U.S. in a Mountainous region. I will be dedicating a post to this soon, with photos. What on earth is going on? Could the rumors of NWO prison / reprogramming camps that await some of us be true? This is not a joke – These photos are the real deal from a respected and trusted source.

The above image provides a wide-angle context view of the Dulce military facility located in New Mexico just south of the Colorado Mesa Verde National Park mountainous area. It is also located just southeast of the intersection of the state boundary lines of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado known as the 4-Corners area. The 4-Corners is also infamous in the conspiracy and UFO communities mostly because of its proximity to the Dulce base and the many UFO sightings that have been witnessed in this area. Dulce is suppose to be a super secret place except for the slight problem of course of it being infamous.

Many of you are no doubt aware of the Dulce base and the stories that have circulated for years about it. What is known is that this is an Air Force facility and the great majority of this facility is underground. By underground, I do mean very deep underground. In fact, I suspect we would be shocked at just how deep down and how far laterally it reaches into other states. The considerable north and south mining spoil or tailings on the east side of the site visible in the above 1st image and pointed out by the yellow arrows demonstrates that there is in fact a deep mine here and over it is this surface facility.

For any of you who may not be aware of the Dulce Base story, what makes it so infamous is primarily an event some allege to have occurred there back in the 1970s or 1980s, I encourage you to begin your research here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_Base.

One thing is for certain: A secret underground Military complex at Dulce appears to be most real. There is an EXTENSIVE ventilation system with multiple power sources evident. Further, our American tax dollars are paying for it. So it isn’t going to hurt for we in the public to take a look here and try to gain a little more insight into this very secret place that we are paying for.

The above image is a photograph by the U.S. Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, photo number MX-027-30 dated December 14, 1982. Note the Air Force insignia on this Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and remember that this picture is about 27 years old, meaning that we’re looking at 27 year old technology here. Can you imagine a giant machine like this underground on a railroad track hauling behind it a giant compactor forming huge cylinders of excavated and compacted material fitted to the tunnel sizes that are then transported to the surface and hauled originally via highway to the remote dump site forming the individual objects seen in the 9th image. Could it be a clue?

Obviously the Dulce base is very real as is the very deep subterranean aspect of it. The complex is obviously huge and development there underground is clearly ongoing and current. However, whether this involves aliens or not is not something that this visual evidence cannot answer. The problem with the revelations/stories that circulate about Dulce is that the most successful secrecy counter measure is to spread so many different stories, including even those uncomfortable for secrecy, so that one can never get an objective bead with confidence on what is true and what isn’t.

Like a dose of medicine that one should take for one’s own good, you need to know something about this real world secret place in so far as visual surface evidence can reveal it. That way, should the issues of an alien presence and partnerships and/or Nibiru and coming preparation arise again in the future, maybe it will not be so easy to deflect innocent naive public thoughts away from determining the merit of such issues and onto pointless questions of whether such a place exists at all or not or whether something is actively happening there or not.

Understand that my purpose in examining places like this is not to reveal secrets to America’s adversaries. In these modern times, such adversaries have their own unobfuscated satellite views and their own professional experts that examine surface places like this in much greater detail than we can here through this often obfuscated Google Earth imaging. They know far more about this place and others in minute detail than we do here in the Google Earth imaging.

Just remember that some truths, like medicine that is ultimately good for you, is rarely pleasant. Secrecy types need to relax and understand that this knowledge is part of the growth process and necessary in ramping up to face the real world issues coming. In other words, no one is criticizing or threatening you here, it’s just growth.

Oh, and by the way, if you were ever to question the true nature and purpose of the facilities observable above ground at Dulce, you would be told by employees working there that these are simply related to the New Mexico San Juan Power Plant.

Please remember: If a clandestine operation is trying to be super secret, it often historically depends on being located at remote places insulated by desolate terrain few wish to intrude into and supplemented by guard assets. Area 51 as well as Pine Gap and Tower Zero in Australia are examples of that but all the unusual visual activity in the sky around such facilities eventually and predictably erodes their secrecy value. When it comes to secrecy, unusual visual activity observable by very many civilians is always a bane. In other words, surface isolation is not always effective when it comes to secrecy.

The secrecy alternative of going underground takes care of a lot of the visual observation problems but preparing the space underground then becomes a significant problem in the form of what to do with the waste produced by excavations. If the underground facility is going to be very extensive, the waste in the form of mining spoils or tailings can easily compromise secrecy. So you locate at an already existing mine that already has spoil/tailings grounds on the surface that some locals are already familiar with seeing.


You must have a cover like a spy might operate out of an innocuous antique store as their front operation. So you install an above ground power plant at or near the old mining site that in theory burns coal from the nearby old mine. It is big and the surface excavations for the power plant installation in 1973 in this case serve as cover for starting the underground facility. You have two fronts working for you, one being the power plant on the surface and the other being the subterranean coal mine. These fronts employ locals who in turn become dependent of that employment and quite naturally favorable to the place since it supports lives and families over the following decades. It doesn’t pay for them to be too suspicious of anything and normally they aren’t. You just keep their focus on the front operations and away from any clandestine activities below.

So you gradually dig out your underground facility far down deep below. The clandestine digging waste mixes with the old coal mining spoils and fresher power plant excavations. However, your underground facility is very ambitious and there’s just too much waste over time that you know will eventually draw curious local attention. You anticipate this and start spreading the waste out at other remote but reasonably convenient sites like the site of another big power plant just a few miles away to the south that you also installed and also at an old mine site northeast.

The problem is that this may put off your own average civilian but it is not really going to put off professional clandestine observers employed by adversaries looking at the evidence from their own satellites with close clear views far better than those available on Google Earth. They know about the spreading out of the waste strategy because many of them are likely doing the same thing in their countries with their covert facilities facing similar problems. They can add up the spoil volume and get a pretty good idea of how extensive your underground activities are far beyond the scope of simple coal mining and whether your activities are current or not. Any other consideration is simply delusion.

Competitors and adversaries clearly see the huge surface retention ponds that you can’t hide where you are having to deal with deadly toxic wastes from very deep mining. They clearly see the huge air handling fan systems required to make your subterranean operation viable for human activity. They monitor this for many years and even decades tracking all the surface changes also an unavoidable result of your activity. One of those changes over time is the great number of dumped uniform cylinders or cartridges of compacted waste stacked around at the spoil sites identifying the use of TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) that you allowed to sit around too long before bulldozing them out into smoother profiles in the spoil sites. Remember, being secrecy types themselves, they think like you do and not like innocent civilians.

Let’s face it, what you are doing deep down in fulfilling the purpose of creating an underground facility may still be a secret from most distant prying eyes but that there is a facility and its likely extent and where its main activity you don’t mind them seeing is located (San Juan) is no secret at all except possibly to the people of the country or area in which this is happening. I follow evidence and the visual evidence of an extensive underground complex beginning with the San Juan facility location is visible in publicly available programs like Google Earth. You could have hidden them if you truly wanted to. I cannot help what the front operation is formally named or what local personal experience with it may or may not be.


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