HAARP Has An ADJUNCT FACILITY in LONG ISLAND! Navy / HAARP Personnel Have Taken Over The Infamous BROOKHAVEN Facility!

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Yesterday there was an Earthquake in New Jersey – The Quake was centered just East of Philadelphia and had a magnitude of 2.0 and a 1.3 registered in New York City.

My personal opinion is that HAARP was engaging in some clandestine testing once again, likely from their facility on Long Island (more on this, below). Most people will disagree with me, but the fact is, most people simply do not understand Advanced Tesla Technology. The fact is, HAARP Activity simply needs to excite interdependent structures to trigger seismic events. The fact is, VLF electromagnetic waves have been shown to, at very low power, be capable of resonating with rock and therefore can shake the ground quite well. Telsa did this. Others have repeated these experiments.

Possible HAARP Phenomenon Observed from Long Island, New York


HAARP is setup in a manner that fits the theoretical framework that was begun by Telsa and expanded upon by many others. I would ask those who believe that HAARP is simply a benign research center to read the book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” and/or watch the free, hour long documentary of the same name (available via the resource bar to the left of this blog page) as a starting point to become educated. Then you can follow up on published papers that scientists have put out on this advanced technology. This is a VERY specialized area of electro-magnetic research that seems to defy logic, until you do the research.

To put it in the most ‘relative terms’. HAARP’s ‘full’ technology is based off of mathematics of the ‘electric universe’ theorems. http://www.electricuniverse.info/Introduction


HAARP, Long Island, USA ( dish & antennas)
40.878455, -72.687485

Some very interesting information about HAARP has recently come to light. To provide a background for some of this information, we go back to when Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island underwent a significant and far reaching change of directorship, and subsequently a change of direction and focus. The changes at Brookhaven, one of the first National Laboratories established, received coverage even in the national news media.

You may have heard about Brookhaven, because it has been getting considerable heat on Long Island as of late due to their having dumped radioactive waste into Long Island’s groundwater aquifer for the past 30+ years, resulting in severe, widespread and life threatening contamination of the water supply, affecting a great number of people, farmland, waterways, and even Long Island Sound/Peconic Bay.

Brookhaven Labs has been repeatedly named as a major player in other clandestine and generally malignant and malevolent operations on Long Island–such as the Montauk Project, the covert government’s clandestine electromagnetic/ radio frequency mind control project carried out in a documented subterranean facility beneath the derelict Montauk Air Force Station. http://www.sydweedon.com/Resources/montauk.htm and related activities. Among other well-known secrets are the particle accelerators underlying much of the area used in so many covert projects, which undoubtedly also have negative environmental and health consequences.

Subsequent to these well-publicized but never adequately explained changes at Brookhaven Labs last year, several of the Navy’s key H.A.A.R.P. personnel are now stationed at Brookhaven National Lab. And, even more interestingly, no public mention has been made of this by Brookhaven, the Navy, nor anyone else.

Latest reports show that the Navy has more or less completely taken over administration and operation of H.A.A.R.P. on Long Island and that the Air Force is no longer involved in any significant capacity.

Because HAARP can be used to pinpoint its effects either over a large or small area, it may be worth further investigation to see if we can detect signs of its power. For example, using HAARP it is more than possible to knock out not just communications but also electronic systems. It’s a disconcerting thought, but could HAARP testing have been responsible for the explosion of flight TWA-800 which spontaneously exploded over Long Island on July 17th 1996?

Dutch Since confirms earthquake in New Jersey – May 29, 2011


[Note To Reader: I am publishing this EXCERPT, below – Those who are interested by it may wish to research this communication further – Robert Mann]

Montauk News

Here’s the news on the Pentagon ‘Hack’ … and it’s relation to Montauk, AND the latest report on the H.A.A.R.P. Project – from John Quinn


From: J9 Aq9
Date sent: Tue, 19 May 1998 18:15:09 EDT
To: radioman@seasurf.com , others ( mailing list deleted )
Subject: Navy/Pentagon on HAARP Blowout-Strike TWO!!

Dear Recipients:

As many of you know, the Navy was emailed with a request for an official comment/statement regarding the fax received by a Long Island man who is an associate of Preston Nichols; the document describes a “blowout” of the HAARP 15-3 Proteus particle accelerator unit, resulting in an (uncontrolled) dimensional rift.

An informed source with substantial ties to the NAVY told me that fallout from this accident is still occurring, with “wormholes” popping up all over the place: New England was mentioned as one location. Phenomena associated with this wormhole include creatures from other times on this planet, as well as from “elsewhere”.

(Once again I advise those hardened skeptics who immediately dismiss any such tales as nonsense that there is strong, clear evidence showing that HAARP has some extremely covert and extremely “esoteric” agendas working at this time; relativistic phenomena such as generating (inter)dimensional rifts, portals, wormholes, anti gravity conditions, etc.).

Do yourself a favor: Learn how the weather and climate are being manipulated by governments, militaries, universities, private individuals, corporations, terrorists. http://aworldalert.com/who-owns-the-weather-presentation-greenwich-library-novemer-21-2010/

Note: Parts of this story were sourced from: http://www.konformist.com/1998/jquinn/haarp1.htm


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