AMAZING 11:11 FACTS TO CONSIDER – See These Videos / Interview With Rik Clay (RIP) – He Was Beginning To Think The 11:11 Code Was Being "Hijacked" Too – Just Before He Suddenly Died!

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I recently was introduced to the work of Rik Clay – He is now dead at the age of 25 – An apparent “suicide” only 2 months after this interview aired.

After listening to this material (found on the two videos posted below), I am intrigued and amazed to discover that Rik Clay, like myself, was concerned that the 11:11 Code and its possible meaning(s) were being “hijacked” (or “co-opted” – the term I have been using on this blog) by “shadowy government” with the intention of distorting the Code’s possible meaning and message for its own dark purposes and gain.

To go further: I am increasingly of the mind that “shadowy government” may be covertly “hijacking,” or “co-opting,” the 11:11 Code Awakening Movement and its message of Global Spiritual Awakening via people like David Sereda and others who encourage us to believe that we will all be transitioning into some sort of “5th Dimensional New Age” – And therefore we do not need to pay too much attention to current “real world” issues, much less work toward sociopolitical and/or environmental change.

In certain ways, by believing we will all escape our current (oppressive) Social Systems via an impending “dimensional shift”, 11:11 Awakening Code people who are convinced they will be leaving their current, “3rd Dimensional” world behind in 2012 (as described by David Sereda and others who promote similar “transformational” ideas) are not so different than Fundamentalist Christians who believe they will escape difficult earthly realities via the miracle of the Rapture. In both cases, such ideologies and beliefs promote a false transcendence – That is, they are a form of denial and escape. Clearly, such a psychological stance will inhibit our joining together to become a powerful, collective force of change in the world at this time – And this may be just what “shadowy government” and other powerful, elite forces are banking on.

To learn more about my ideas regarding The 11:11 Awakening Code, David Sereda’s 2012 End Time Prophecy, and the possible “hijacking” and distortion of the 11:11 Code’s transpersonal “message” or “mission”, I encourage you to go here:

I am continuing my research on the above possibility and will post at length on this soon. For now, those who are interested, I encourage you to listen to Rik on these two videos. Regardless of your personal beliefs, they are truly fascinating.

Interview With Rik Clay About The 11:11 Code, Part One

Interview With RIk Clay About The 11:11 Code, Part Two

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  1. ttiot said:

    plsd to see ur interest in this buddy. over two dozen trails in sky as we speak rob, two planes in action now. so wierd when over past few days i've been really looking into them!! i going to try catch them on my camera phone, but dont think will capture?? i'll be in touch soon. i really close to a major airport..but they fly well above the planes taking off.

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