WAS H.A.A.R.P. INVOLVED IN THE JAPAN EARTHQUAKE? See These FOUR Videos – Also, Links – SECRETS KILL – We ALL Need To Become AWARE That "Official Stories" May Be DEADLY LIES

ALERT: To read fascinating investigative (and speculative) report on the Japan Earthquake, with some truly shocking conclusions about what really may have happened at the Fukushima Plant, I encourage you to go here: http://losingfreedom.org/2011/05/28/did-the-dimona-dozen-murder-the-fukushima-50/

Now, to see HAARP Activity Just BEFORE and then DURING JAPAN EARTHQUAKE, GO HERE: http://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com/2011/04/april-19th-release-haarp-website.html


This is the kind of information that simply does not get “out there” on the mainstream media. So I am making this all available to you right here.
Also, please be aware that the President of TEPCO admits it may take NINE MORE MONTHS to contain all six reactors that apparently are reportedly MELTING DOWN in Fukushima. How many of you heard this on your mainstream news stations? I know I haven’t. To learn more, watch the below videos. And I suggest that you watch each on of them in their entirety, before they, like most other videos addressing the truth about Fukushima, are rendered incapable of being shared on Youtube.

1) Dr. Helen Caldicott discusses the Fukushima Threat – Secrets Kill – We need to know!


2) Can HAARP Really Cause Earthquakes?:


3) JAPAN: A TICKING TIMEBOMB: Independent Scientists Discuss What Is REALLY Happening In Japan:


4) Investigative Journalist in Japan Convinced HAARP Was Involved in March 2011 Quake:



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