"DON’T WORRY – BE HAPPY!" – Fukushima Reactors Are Melting THROUGH – And Our Government Continues To Tell Us That WE DO NOT NEED TO BE PREPARED – What Is Going On?

JAPAN NUCLEAR MELT-THROUGH EMERGENCY: Fukushima Beyond Point Of No Return As Radioactive Core Melts Through Containment Vessels

The battle to save the Fukushima nuclear power plant now appears lost as molten nuclear fuel in three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is confirmed to have burned through pressure vessels, not just the cores, Japan has said in a report in which it also acknowledges it was unprepared for an accident of the severity of Fukushima.

The only feasible interpretation from this analysis is that radiation emissions from Fukushima could suddenly become much greater. It is also now obvious that the radioactive fallout from Fukushima will last for decades, if not centuries.

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan admitted recently that the situation at Fukushima remains “unpredictable.” Meanwhile, the presence of plutonium in soil samples is proof that the nuclear fuel rods have been compromised and are releasing material into the open atmosphere.


How many times were we told over the last several weeks that the Fukushima situation was solved? How many times were we assured there was “no danger” to the world? President Obama even went out of his way to tell Americans they should not prepare for anything, since there was nothing to worry about.

Don’t acquire any potassium iodide, people were told. The situation is completely under control and nuclear power is safe, clean and green!

That’s the GE spin machine talking, of course, and I don’t mean the spin cycle on your rusty old washing machine. It’s the network of corporate lies that has characterized the nuclear power industry for at least the last three decades. And now those lies are coming back to haunt us all.

Just listen to Arnie Gunderson from his CNN interview June 7th – BEFORE the Melt-Through was officially confirmed. Arnie has been trying to get the word out ever since the accident in March 2011. But he was derided by most in the Nuclear Energy “Business” and his assessment was ridiculed and dismissed. AND HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! And rest assured, now that we know there is a Melt-Through going on, it is bound to get even worse than this:



So what happens now that the fuel core from three reactors appears to have burned its way through the containment vessels and dropped through the concrete floor? It follows the laws of physics, of course: The super-heated nuclear fuel reacts with the concrete material in the floor, producing highly radioactive gas which will now is escaping into the atmosphere as it leaks through the outer containment wall.

So we may be looking at a situation right now where there is nothing in the way of a massive release of radioactive gas from Fukushima. It all has the makings of a ticking (dirty) time bomb (see this video to learn more). ttp://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com/2011/05/japan-ticking-time-bomb-watch.html


It makes you wonder: At what point will the worsening situation in Fukushima cross the threshold of President Obama’s resistance to urge Americans to take prudent precautions against the possibility of serious radioactive fallout? The policy in Washington today seems to be that no event is serious enough to warrant preparedness actions among the American people. I guess they want to keep us locked into our collective “Consensus Trance” (C. Tart), obliviously consuming.

Our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President seems to be too busy declaring illegal wars in Libya to spend even five minutes urging people on the West Coast to take sensible precautions against the increasing possibility of increased radiation exposure.

That’s what the alternative press is for, of course: Bringing people the news and information they won’t get from “official” sources that have strong financial ties to the nuclear power industry. While Obama tells Americans to do nothing, I am urging Americans to take basic preparedness precautions to be ready for any event the world may throw our way.


As the citizens of Japan have recently learned the hard way, virtually no one has any extra stored water, food or medicine in the cities these days. Very few people are prepared for even small disruptions in basic infrastructure and supply lines. The average American living in a city today would die in less than 7 days if cut off from the grid supply of food and water. Their entire preparedness plan is to “trust the government” – NOT A BRIGHT IDEA.

That’s what the Japanese people did, too. And now they’re paying for that misplaced trust with what may soon become the most catastrophic nuclear disaster in the history of human civilization.

It is now clear that the Fukushima nuclear complex is going to emit radiation for a very, very long time. There is also the possibility of more explosions as these reactors melt “through” into the core of the earth. Meaning, even burying the Fukushima facility under millions of tons of concrete and sand will not end the destruction that is going to last for possibly hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact, Dr. Helen Caldicott says that Japan itself may become “uninhabitable”. To see video of Dr. Caldicott discussing the disaster in Japan a few weeks ago, go here – And remember, it is much worse now:


A reader of my blog writes the following about the current Melt-Through status of 3 reactors in Fukushima, Japan:

“Meltdown in a nuclear plant has never happened on this scale. Think of it as a gigantic ‘plug’ of radiated earth and debris plunging downward into the earth from the site. Likely there will be other such ‘plugs’ (think in terms of a gigantic cork (hardened and destructive)or radioactive drill. I am using these basic metaphors to give a better description to the average reader of what is taking place. At one time, it was known as the “China Syndrome” theory of what might happen when a true n-plant implosion (not explosion) might happen. We do not know how far this ‘boring’ may go, but Japan will begin to see more and more sea water sprouting from ‘holes’ throughout the island. Japan is literally being ‘drilled’ through by this irradiated earth and debris. It is tragic and serious, not only for Japan but for all of the earth and the oceans. Chernoble pales in comparison”. – G.S. (personal communication, 2011)


The problem is that there’s not even enough concrete in Japan to handle the job. To accomplish such a task, Japan would have to import not only thousands of pieces of industrial concrete-handling trucks and machinery; it would also have to import concrete materials by the ship-load. We’re talking about millions of tons of concrete materials, shipped in by ocean, from all over the world.

Has anybody done the math on how long that will take to coordinate? Just getting the materials shipped to Japan within 30 days would be a miracle. And you can’t just plop down concrete and hope it sticks: You have to engineer the concrete effort so that it can resist future tsunamis and earthquakes. Normally, this would be at least a five-year project.

Essentially, you have to build a whole new massive concrete containment structure on top of the existing nuclear complex. And remember: It was the corruption and cover-ups from the first such engineering project that helped cause this situation in the first place!

And even if it were covered up – This will not solve the issue of radioactive liquid melting into our earth’s core, poisoning our seas, destroying wild-life, and irrevocably negatively impacting our entire food chain.

That’s why this situation in Fukushima looks a lot more like Fubar than Fukushima. Fubar, of course, is an endearing snippet from American slang which means “don’t worry; the government is here to save you!” AKA “Don’t worry – Be happy.”

Yeah. Right.

This story partially sourced from: NaturalNews http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2011/03/30/japan-nuclear-meltdown-emergency-fukushima-beyond-point-of-no-return-as-radioactive-core-melts-through-containment-vessel/


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