2012 REALITY CHECK – There is NO PLANET NIBIRU; ELENIN Is NOT A Threat; There is NO Planet "X" – Don’t Fall Prey To These Dooms-Day Reports – It Only Creates Fear And Makes You Easier To Control – Get The TRUTH About That NASA EMERGENCY PREPARATION MEMO


Okay, so I bet some of you saw that NASA Memo going around, the one where employees are advised to be prepared for an emergency. So now you think that maybe all the Dooms Day scenarios are true.

Well I have researched this document, and I can assure you that this is a typical, Human Resources-driven memo that goes out to these Government agencies, as required. But somebody, or some (shadowy?) force out there decided to put a big spin on it, mentioning “August 2011”, etc – Although this is nowhere on the memo.

Here is a typical thread on the memo – with attendant, fear-provoking discussion -Typical at Above Top Secret, which at this point, I believe is in fact manipulated by Shadowy Government so that we can all feel afraid. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread714941/pg1

Although my opinion on this may not be popular, it is based on extensive research and an interest in scientific fact. There is a growing hysteria on the internet that NASA is “hiding” information from us and that they are preparing for a major catastrophe due to manifest sometime this Fall and/or in December 2012. I will admit that I do not trust NASA blindly, but I do generally respect the global scientific community as a whole, and those who specialize in astronomical observations are not reporting an impending catastrophe either. So, in this case, it would appear that NASA is being straight with us in their various reports [article continued, below].


I have posted on this subject a few times, and I find that people have trouble hearing this message, preferring to believe that we are doomed and we need to prepare to live like Mad Max, or to die. This mind-set concerns me, as it makes us all very vulnerable to a Project Blue Beam-type scenario, whereby humanity believes itself to be threatened from Space, either by aliens, or planets, or comets, or asteroids…And in a state of mass fear and panic, we would quickly and willingly surrender to a form of Martial Law and the institution of a New World Order – As Ronald Reagan discussed in more than one speech.

Anyone who knows anything at all about Project Blue Beam is aware that there is a “Planet X” hoax designed to scare the masses. And now, it is happening. Only the scare is not coming from NASA – It is coming from ourselves as we misinterpret data and work ourselves up into a state of near hysteria.


And so I will keep posting on this, and providing links and articles, until people start to get it. The only thing to fear in 2012 is that we will all be suckered into believing that 3-D Holographic Images projected onto the sky are real – Whether these are religious deities, alien space-ships, or a scary astronomical display. And don’t think that this is not possible. Our own Secretary of Defense confirmed the existence of Advanced Tesla Technology in 1997 – admitting that Scalar Weaponry not only is possible, but that it already existed. Why do you think the United States began building HAARP that very same year? As I have been reporting here on this blog, many Sky Anomalies are in fact evidence of Scalar Weaponry Testing – Go to my Page on Sky Anomalies to the left of this blog and see for yourself. It is obvious that “they” are even testing out projecting Religious Deities onto the Sky – And also alien craft.

For more information on the truth about 2012, I encourage you to go here: http://blogs.jpl.nasa.gov/2009/11/2012-%E2%80%93-a-scientific-realty-check/

And here: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1500742/pg1

To learn more about Project Blue Beam, go here: http://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com/2011/05/project-blue-beam-ultimate-conspiracy.html

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  1. Blue beam. Yes. Alien invasion? That is where my money is.

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