UPDATE ON COMET ELENIN: Well, I Hesitate To Say I Told You So, But…I TOLD YOU SO.

This astronomical observer agrees with my research results: Comet Elenin poses no threat to earth. Watch out for PsyOps memes and false flag events on 9/11/11, when Elenin is closest to the sun. See my recent article on this NASA / Shadow-Government driven PsyOps Plan, here: http://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com/2011/07/this-reporter-must-be-reading-my-blog.html

So please, get the word out to others who are falling victim to these false “dooms-day” scenario reports about Comet Elenin. THESE ARE FALSE and need to be exposed as such. We have bigger and better things to worry about – This is only a distraction designed to get all the internet conspiracy theorists worked up into a frenzied lather. Here are the FACTS as it stands right now. Watch, Learn, and Share.



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