EARTHQUAKES IN VIRGINIA AND COLORADO: Some People Suspect HAARP, But Other World Powers Have HAARP-Type Weapons…COULD AMERICA BE UNDER ATTACK? Learn About Direct Energy Weapons – CHINA, RUSSIA, And 11 Other Countries Have Them Too!

UPDATE: 6 Strange Anomalies With Virginia/DC Earthquake:


Two earthquakes struck Colorado and Virginia respectively On August 23, 2011. The 5.9 Virginia Quake Was Felt in DC, New York and Even Boston and North Carolina

To read more about the Colorado Quake, go here:

Is America Under Attack?

UPDATE: Virginia Nuclear Plant shut down following today’s earthquake:

UPDATE: TWELVE Nuclear Plants on East Coast declare “Unusual Incident” following earthquake and have all shut down!

And Hurricane Irene is headed for New York City! Check back for mire information on this as it becomes available.

For months I have been attempting to educate the world on the reality of Direct Energy Weapons – Electromagnetic Pulse Waves that can be used to modify weather and cause earthquakes. See two such articles, here: and
And check this blog’s Resource Bar, Pages, and Archives to learn more about the secret war currently going on in our skies, and below ground.

In my opinion, today’s 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia is suspicious. I will add to this post after I research and collect more evidence supporting my argument that America may be under attack – My guess is either from China, Russia, or both. Remember, HAARP was originally built in response to Russia’s own Direct Energy Wespon capability. And now a total of 14 countries are suspected of having HAARP-like Tesla Array installs that may be capable of conducting Tectonic warfare.

Another possibility is that the Elite / Shadow Government are themselves attacking America using HAARP in order to impose Martial Law with the goal of establishing a New World Order (Kissinger’s dream). For what its worth, it should be noted that HAARP has an adjunct facility in Long Island, not far from New York City.

A 5.9 earthquake occurred in the US state of Virginia on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

The earthquake was felt in many major urban areas like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York and even Boston.The August 23 earthquake was located about six kilometers southwest of Mineral, Virginia at a depth of about 1 kilometer. The magnitude was initially 5.8, but has since been upgraded. There were no early reports of damage or injuries caused by the Virginia earthquake.

However, there are reports that the Pentagon and Capitol Building in Washington were evacuated at 1:51 p.m as were several major buildings in New York.

Here is the USGS report on the Virginia earthquake:

Video on Russia, HAARP, and Tesla Technology

  1. Yes America may be under attack. And you know by who? By them same people who attacked in 9/11 the center and the pentagon some years ago. Don't fall into this trap. They are all in this game and they create a problem just to provide their excuses and 'solutions' that without a 'problem' would never have been acceptable. At the very end, only one thing is for sure: we the people, all over the world are under attack by the globalists who want to force us under a NWO!

  2. Your article failed to mention that we had a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado just hours before the one on the east coast.

  3. america is attacking itself…2012 hoax anyone??

  4. lol the ones who attacked us is america..we are the ONLY terrorists here….

  5. Taliban attack in America with a small earthquake. In future America should be careful of them. They may help seek bigger earthquake than Japan in America with the help of their Allah the one Almighty creator.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everybody. I appreciate them all.@econoLABS: I disagree with you on this one. It is not so simple and black and white as that. This is what makes it so imperative to engage in research and look for supportive evidence, as I try to do in all of my posts about HAARP (see the latest post on HAARP and Hurricane Irene (posted 8/26/11, I believe).Think about it: How man people in the Military are privy to secret, black ops agendas and technological capabilities? Only a select few likely understand the truth of HAARP as a Direct Energy (Scalar) Weapon. Meaning: HAARP may at times be used in ways that only those who truly control it (Shadow Government) can understand. Sometimes it seems to "benefit" 'us" – Sometimes not. This is why I spend so much time and effort trying to get to the truth. And whatever the truth is about HAARP-type installs around the world, I am sure it is not good for the masses, or for our environment and wild-life. In the end, such black ops technology going unrealized and unchecked may destroy us all.

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