Check this out via link below. This “Big Sis” is either a complete idiot, or out of her mind. She obviously does not understand HAARP and its actual capabilities, whether they are being employed currently or not. Not to mention the fact that there are several other countries with HAARP-type Tesla Array installs currently in existence and active around the world. Or maybe “Big Sis” is some kind of a PsyOps agent. Wouldn’t surprise me, because in my opinion Dutchsinse may actually be blowing the whistle on HAARP as a military and environmental weapon at the worst; and as a black ops weather modification tool at the least worst. So now he is a target of shadow government, for reasons that should be obvious. Regardless, what a load of crap. Big Sis Blog: Dutchsinse A DHS Terrorist?! | Before It's News:

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