UPDATE: August 24, 2011: Nuclear Reactor In Virginia VENTING STEAM:

A nuclear power plant located in Louisa County, the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia, has shut down.

UPDATE: Is America under attack via Direct Energy Weapons? TO READ MY UPDATED REPORT WITH VIDEOS GO HERE:

The North Anna Power Station, operated by Dominion Power, has two reactors. The plant declared an “unusual event” in the wake of the 5.9 magnitude quake, which is the lowest stage on the plant’s emergency scale.

As a result, the plant has been shut down.

The AP reports the plant is being run off of four emergency diesel generators, which are supplying power for critical safety equipment.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Roger Hannah says the agency was not immediately aware of any damage at nuclear power plants in the southeast.

NRC officials are still assessing the situation.

Check back with this blog for more updates as they become available.

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UPDATE: 6 Strange Anomalies With Virginia/DC Earthquake:


Two earthquakes struck Colorado and Virginia respectively On August 23, 2011. The 5.9 Virginia Quake Was Felt in DC, New York and Even Boston and North Carolina

To read more about the Colorado Quake, go here:

Is America Under Attack?

UPDATE: Virginia Nuclear Plant shut down following today’s earthquake:

UPDATE: TWELVE Nuclear Plants on East Coast declare “Unusual Incident” following earthquake and have all shut down!

And Hurricane Irene is headed for New York City! Check back for mire information on this as it becomes available.

For months I have been attempting to educate the world on the reality of Direct Energy Weapons – Electromagnetic Pulse Waves that can be used to modify weather and cause earthquakes. See two such articles, here: and
And check this blog’s Resource Bar, Pages, and Archives to learn more about the secret war currently going on in our skies, and below ground.

In my opinion, today’s 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia is suspicious. I will add to this post after I research and collect more evidence supporting my argument that America may be under attack – My guess is either from China, Russia, or both. Remember, HAARP was originally built in response to Russia’s own Direct Energy Wespon capability. And now a total of 14 countries are suspected of having HAARP-like Tesla Array installs that may be capable of conducting Tectonic warfare.

Another possibility is that the Elite / Shadow Government are themselves attacking America using HAARP in order to impose Martial Law with the goal of establishing a New World Order (Kissinger’s dream). For what its worth, it should be noted that HAARP has an adjunct facility in Long Island, not far from New York City.

A 5.9 earthquake occurred in the US state of Virginia on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

The earthquake was felt in many major urban areas like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York and even Boston.The August 23 earthquake was located about six kilometers southwest of Mineral, Virginia at a depth of about 1 kilometer. The magnitude was initially 5.8, but has since been upgraded. There were no early reports of damage or injuries caused by the Virginia earthquake.

However, there are reports that the Pentagon and Capitol Building in Washington were evacuated at 1:51 p.m as were several major buildings in New York.

Here is the USGS report on the Virginia earthquake:

Video on Russia, HAARP, and Tesla Technology

To see my original report on the Nuclear Melt-THROUGH in Japan, go here

To see video about what has REALLY been happening with the reactors in Japan the past 3 months, go to the link below to see Arnie Gunderson speaking with John King on CNN last night about the Melt-DOWN situation that Arnie has been trying to let people know about. Let’s hope John King has the courage to go forward and confirm the Melt-THROUGH with Arnie ASAP (I will attempt to find new posts from Arnie Gunderson and post them when I can):

A reader of my blog writes the following about the current Melt-Through status of 3 reactors in Fukushima, Japan:

“Meltdown in a nuclear plant has never happened on this scale. Think of it as a gigantic ‘plug’ of radiated earth and debris plunging downward into the earth from the site. Likely there will be other such ‘plugs’ (think in terms of a gigantic cork (hardened and destructive)or radioactive drill. I am using these basic metaphors to give a better description to the average reader of what is taking place. At one time, it was known as the “China Syndrome” theory of what might happen when a true n-plant implosion (not explosion) might happen. We do not know how far this ‘boring’ may go, but Japan will begin to see more and more sea water sprouting from ‘holes’ throughout the island. Japan is literally being ‘drilled’ through by this irradiated earth and debris. It is tragic and serious, not only for Japan but for all of the earth and the oceans. Chernoble pales in comparison”. – G.S. (personal communication, 2011)

So, let’s take a look at what this might mean. Because apparently, no news center in the United States is willing to:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The China Syndrome is a term invented to describe one possible result of a severe nuclear meltdown in which molten reactor core components penetrate their containment vessel and building. The term is misleading, since molten material from such an event could not melt through the crust of the Earth nor reach China from USA.

Nuclear power plants ordered during the late 1960s raised safety questions and created fears that a severe reactor accident could release large quantities of radioactive material into the environment. In the early 1970s, a controversy arose regarding the ability of emergency cooling systems to prevent a core meltdown. This issue was discussed in the popular media and technical journals.

In 1971, nuclear physicist Ralph Lapp used the term China syndrome to describe a possible burn-through, following a loss of coolant accident of the reactor containment structures and the subsequent escape of radioactive material into the environment. His statements were based on the report of a task force of nuclear physicists headed by W. K. Ergen, published in 1967.[4] The dangers of such a hypothetical accident were popularized by the 1979 film, The China Syndrome.
The name itself comes from the mistaken idea that, to many Americans, “the other side of the world” is China.

The term “China Syndrome” refers to a possible result of a catastrophic meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Also called a loss of coolant accident, the scenario begins when something causes the coolant level in a reactor vessel to drop, uncovering part—or all—of the fuel element assemblies. Even if the nuclear chain reaction has been stopped through use of control rods or other devices, the fuel continues to produce significant residual heat for a number of days due to further decay of fission products. If not properly cooled, the fuel assemblies may soften and melt, falling to the bottom of the reactor vessel. There, without neutron-absorbing control rods to prevent it, nuclear fission could resume but, in the absence of a neutron moderator, might not. Regardless, without adequate cooling, the temperature of the molten fuel could increase to the point where it melts through the structures containing it. Although many[who?] feel the radioactive slag would stop at or before the underlying soil, such a series of events could release radioactive material into the atmosphere and ground, potentially causing damage to the local environment’s plant and animal life.

LOCAL effects only? I don’t think so. This is very, very grim. Those of you who may, like me, be absolutely dumbfounded that this is not being covered by our News outlets here in the United States, consider writing your local, state, and federal representatives, along with your preferred News Media outlets.

ATTENTION READERS: Please refer to new video on post dated May 03, 2011 if you want to better understand the science behind HAARP and Project Blue Beam’s “Black Ops” technology.

Now, watch the below video – This was put online BEFORE the tornados hit the Southern United States this week (over TWO HUNDRED OF THEM!!!) This guy, Dutchsinse, predicts severe weather patterns by identifying HAARP rings on the Intellicast Weather Radar system. Here is his broadcast, and his warning to the South, BEFORE the tornados ravaged several towns and killed several people. Again, this guy has had 100% accuracy this month predicting severe weather / tornados. That’s 100% accuracy – All by identifying HAARP rings. He can even name the exact town the tornado will hit in some cases!

Next, watch the two Youtube links with CNN footage / reporting of the tornados as they rip through the South, which you can find near the bottom of this post. Then tell me HAARP is not real. And, if you agree that there is even a chance HAARP is behind the destructive weather patterns ravaging the United States at this time (and also around the world), then what can concerned citizens do to try and stop this horrifying and deadly “Black Ops” program? I will be addressing this very question later on this blog.

CNN Footage of Tornados ripping through the South: