Do "Black Ops" (HAARP) Tectonic Weapons Really Exist? Are These Weapons Causing Severe Weather and Earthquakes Around The World? Educate Yourself – Then YOU Be The Judge! (Links and Videos)

HAARP facilities in Alaska went “online” in 1994. Building was SUPPOSEDLY completed in 2007 (however, recent photographs suggest miles of new grid has been installed SINCE 2007, although HAARP denies this). Since then, there has been an increase in bizarre weather pattern shifts and earthquake (including “Mega-Quake”) activity. See the below videos and links and then ask yourself: Could it be true? Are HAARP-like ELF waves triggering earthquakes around the world? Hugo Chavez thinks so…How about you? Watch the below videos. Then YOU decide.

1) Photographic evidence of what appears to be a global-wide, multi-national coordination of HAARP-type facilities and technology. But for what purpose? And why is this all being done as part of a world-wide “Black Ops” strategy?

2) Dr. Brooks Agnew explains and demonstrates how ELF waves can cause earthquakes – THIS IS MUST SEE VIDEO IF YOU CARE AT ALL ABOUT THE GLOBAL FATE OF HUMANITY.

3) Hugo Chavez said he believed that the Haiti earthquake was caused by HAARP

4) H. R. 2977, presented to the House of Representatives in October 2001, there is specific mention of ‘tectonic weapons’.


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